Jurgita V. Mekyte, artistBorn in Vilnius, Jurgita V. Mekyte started in the arts as a young child even before she entered school. She was involved in art through high school and into adulthood as she earned a Bachelor's degree in ceramics at The Art Academy in Lithuania in 1991. Jurgita participated in some arts shows and produced a one-thousand piece set of ceramic dishes for "Molinis Asotis" coffee shop in Vilnius. In 2002, she received a Degree in Computerized Graphic Design from Elgin Community College. Jurgita continued to create her art. She became a U.S. Citizen in January of 2004.

She has exhibited her art in Vilnius, Kaunas (Lithuania), Chicago and the surrounding area: Algonquin, Barrington, Crystal Lake, Geneva, Schaumburg and Woodstock. She was asked by the McHenry County Government Center to paint McHenry County Landmark Historical Buildings, and she now has six pieces as a part of their permanent collection.

Jurgita has a passion for color and texture, and she continues to find new ways to express this in her art. Early works included extensive work with paper collage in greeting cards and later in larger pieces. Later, the bright,brilliant colors of acrylics inspired Jurgita to add them into her collages. This mixed media gave her many exciting results.

Now Jurgita is drawn to all the possible effects of light, color, texture, composition and form using acrylic paints. This media allows her inspiration to flow quickly to the canvas and back again. Just as important is the emotion radiated from these. This eventually led her to experimenting with heavier amounts of paints with large brushes and pallete knives, layered with copious lights and colors.

As an impressionistic painter Jurgita's subjects range from urban scenes to flowers, from still life to portraiture. Always, however, it comes back to light, color and texture.